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There are two guys behind this site. Chad & Will. We're both Canadian Internet Entrepreneurs with vast experience and success online. We have combined forces on this site to show you what works, answer any questions you have and be your mentors on your road to success. We are not not JUST about CPA marketing, we cover all aspects of being an entrepreneur online.

Chad Hamzeh

To give you an idea of who I am, Iím 32 years old from Calgary, Canada. A few odd quirks about me:

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  • I have 15 professional fights and 3 amateur fights between Mixed Martial Arts and Muay Thai
  • In my free time I coach fighters as well as personal train people of all backgrounds.
  • I ran for mayor when I was 21. I lost, but I didnít come in last. Most of my friends forgot to vote for me =)
I opened a small web design studio about 12 years ago, that was my first entrepreneurial effort, but I didn't start marketing until 2009
In 2008 my wife and I were living in Thailand, kickboxing full time and just living the good life. I would do the odd jobs online to keep the relatively small bills paid (Thailand is dirt cheap). With so much extra time, I was able to study affiliate marketing and PPC at a frantic pace.
Iíve been fortunate enough to have some good success online, and when I can, I like to pass that knowledge on.
Currently I have several projects on the go but am pretty excited to have the forum here. I've been asked a lot to start a coaching forum of sorts, so partnering with Will has been good since he's experienced at running these things.
Finally, I just wanted to say that whatever your goals in this game online, it can definitely happen. I've seen some amazing turnarounds with others... And it can happen for you too.

Here's a couple of my sites:

Traffic Black Book
Profit 101

Will Haimerl

Iím 36 years old from London, Canada. I'm not an MMA fighter, but here's a couple details about me:

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  • I own 160 websites at the moment. Some are in the internet marketing niche, others are not.
  • I have coached over 8,700 affiliate marketers over the past 4 years, at my ppc-coach.com site.
  • I believe in partnering with good people who share my passion for helping others.
I have been involved with internet marketing since 2004, when I started my first PPC campaign.
I have a wife and four beautiful daughters. I am a full time internet marketer/online entrepreneur. I enjoy helping people succeed almost more then doing my own campaigns now. The rewards are huge and I'm lucky that I get to do what I want for a living. (You manufacture your own luck in this world).
I have had a lot of success online and like Chad am more then happy to help others get there too.
Currently Iím working on this site and an offline marketing agency with another partner in the UK, along with some other smaller projects. I am always open to listening to good ideas and even partnering with others who compliment my strengths.
Whether you think you can or think you cannot, you're right.

Here's a couple of my sites:

PPC Coach
Media Buys Coach

Tons Of Experience & Knowledge

Between Chad & Will, they have trained well over 10,000 affiliate marketers over the past 4 years. They also both have years of experience as advertisers and product owners. They know there's more then one way to make a successful life online. And they're more then happy to help you.
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