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Six Months From Today Members Only Tracker

Welcome to the Six Months From Today Members Only Tracker. You can now track things without having to worry about installing complicated scripts, getting hosting and being overall annoyed with the entire tracking process. We've brought it all in house so you can focus on pumping out campaigns and accurately tracking everything right here from your Six Months From Today account.
Number Summary
Revenue $0 Cost $11.45 Profit $-11.45 Clicks 1195109 CPC $0.00 EPC $0.00 ROI -100.00%
Campaign Summary
J.C. Penney170.009.52
maxbounty xbox campaign160.000.80
MSN Win New iPad AU10.000.33
Hotwire TV20.000.30
PEERFLY Xbox Campaign50.000.25
7search workoutbuddy and flirty girl 08181220.000.10
7search workoutbuddy flirty girl 08181210.000.05
20/12/2013 MAC Mineral Kit Email Submit10.000.05
20120805 7Search MacBook Air Email Submit30.000.03
Cambobia Maxbounty 7Search20.000.02
Total: 10Page: 1 of 1
Keyword Summary
Hotwire TVhotwire20.000.300.15
20120805 7Search MacBook Air Email Submittest-
Total: 2Page: 1 of 1
Offer Summary
20120805 7Search MacBook Air Email Submit0.0040.000.32
Total: 1Page: 1 of 1